Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics

The Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics (ITCP) is a University Research independent unit that was created in 1992 and it is under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Education. Initially it focused in the areas of Nuclear and Plasma Physics but since 2008 it targets primarily research in Theoretical and Computational Physics.

Members of the Institute are faculty members of the Department of Physics of the University of Crete as well as researchers working in Heraklion. Additionally, it has external members from other Departments and Organisations that collaborate with local members. Although the focus is primarily theoretical, ITCP has also experimental members who perform research in fundamental as well as applied problems of modern physics. Laboratories that participate in the Institute bring know-how as well as facilities that are fundamental for the research performed within the unit. The Institute has a well organised Computational Center and the HPC facility “Metropolis” that is very important for the research performed. Recent interest in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has generated new research directions. The members of the Institute welcome collaborations with researchers and homologous organisations in Europe and beyond.